32x28 King Post Barn Rendering

32×28 Timber Frame Monitor Barn

The possibilities are practically endless with this beautiful monitor-style 32×28 king post barn! Like all monitor barns, this one has a raised ceiling above the sixteen foot wide center aisle, and that space can be used for a multitude of […]

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26x30 Timber Frame Workshop Rendering

26×30 Heavy Timber Workshop

This unusual 26×30 dual slope timber frame is named for the two different pitches in its roof. The higher pitch over the loft allows for more headroom and makes that space usable for things like sleeping, office space or storage. One plane of the roof is almost a 9:12 pitch, while the other is a bit under 4:12.

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16×24 Timber Frame Shed Roof Rendering

16×24 Timber Frame Shed Roof Plan

Are you looking for a simple and easy, streamlined frame to use for a workshop, carport, animal shed, guest cabin or just about anything else? Check out this 16×24 timber frame shed roof plan! The single roof plane means there are fewer timbers and joints to cut…

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16x24 Shed Roof Rendering

16×24 Shed Roof Plan

Are you looking for a versatile, medium-sized streamlined timber frame? This 16×24 shed roof plan may be just the ticket! A single roof plane means less cutting and joinery, and gives the finished frame a clean profile. Use this for

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20x20 Foot Timber Frame Shed

20×20 Timber Frame Lean-To Shed Plan

This clear span 20×20 foot timber frame lean-to shed structure provides many opportunities to use as an enjoyable dwelling or open-air structure. Locating it on a sloping grade with a porch is just one of the endless scenarios of how this frame can be positioned.

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20x20 Foot Timber Frame Shed

20×20 Lean-To Plan

If you are looking to build an impressive structure that captures the sun, look no further than this 20×20 lean-to plan! The single-plane shed roof soars up to 16’-9”, creating a high-volume space. That big roof surface would make a

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Timber Frame Kits

Ready-To-Raise™Timber Frame KitsEverything you need to raise your timber frame, cut and delivered. Find Your Pre-Designed Kit  We have over a hundreds plans that you can choose from to create your Ready To Raise™ Kit.  Tell us the one you

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Rocky Gap Cabin

Rocky Gap Cabin

The plans for the beautiful Rocky Gap Cabin encompass 3,697 square feet, which includes the 519 square feet of covered and uncovered deck space. This two-story home can easily be converted to provide comfort for a small family with a

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