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Moyer Fountain pavilion

Spotlight: Moyer Fountain

We are proud and excited to welcome Moyer Fountain to spearhead our custom design department! Moyer brings a wealth of knowledge, and an expansive background in timber frame construction and design to his position as Lead Designer.

16×24 Timber Frame Carport

This 16×24 pavilion with purlins has some great features! The rafters and purlins create a fabulous rhythm in the roof structure, which has a commanding presence with a 12 in 12 pitch. And the gently curved knee braces and truss struts are a thing of beauty. You’ll be proud to show off this pavilion to your family and friends when the work is done!

New Energy Works home

Tidbits – Beyond the Frame: Discovering Timber Frame Styles

When you describe a timber frame home to your friends, what do they immediately picture? We all know what those unfamiliar with the craft see in their minds eye: a log cabin. But ask Mike Beganyi, a designer who works with New Energy Works, and a world of beauty and diverse design appears. In a recent article in New England Home, Mr. Beganyi.

Stop bladed scarf joint

Stop Bladed Scarf Joint

If you need to span a distance greater than your lumber dimensions, scarf joints are the way to go. Another variation on the scarf joint, this stop bladed scarf joint is a half-lap joint with the addition of the stops, also called tongues or blades.

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