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fireplaces at home

Firewood Storage Tips

As home heating costs climb, many people are becoming more interested in putting their fireplaces and wood stoves to good use when the weather cools down. While some enjoy an outdoor campfire every now and then, others are using wood year-round in an attempt to save on heating costs and keep their home warm as the colder seasons set in.

18x24 Hammer Beam Truss Plan - (41292)

18×24 Hammer Beam Pavilion

If you have experience in timber framing and want to build a gorgeous structure to show off your skills, look no further than this 18×24 Hammer Beam Pavilion! This will make an exciting and inspirational space, whether you choose to add it to your existing home for a great room, build it freestanding as a getaway cottage, or anything else you can imagine.

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