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Big Foot SBFX BF 15 Amp 10-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw Review

Big Foot Tools advertises itself as a tool manufacturing company that is anything but average. Since the company’s founder worked as a framer and carpenter for nearly three decades, Big Foot Tools uses the motto “Made by a framer for framers.” To say their saws are useful tools for framers on the job site is an understatement.

Today we will be taking a look at Big Foot Tools’ 10-1/4 inch Worm Drive Circular Saw. This is the same saw that popularized the Big Foot Tools brand. The heavy duty saw was designed with professional tradesmen in mind. They wanted a circular saw that could make cuts in one precise pass.

Reciprocal Roof Model

Tidbits – Supporting Structure: The Reciprocal Roof

The elegance of a reciprocal roof, where each rafter is supported by the previous, creating a beautiful, self-supporting structure, is undeniable. The challenge is in calculating the angle of the roof, and author Daniel Siepman addresses in clear and simple terms in his post, “Simple calculations on a reciprocal roof.”

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