Timber Frame Pergola Plans

14x12 Post and Beam Plan (4 of 4)

14×14 Post and Beam Outbuilding

Take a look at this his 14×14 post and beam outbuilding!  Its footprint would easily fit into most backyards. Its generous plate height of over 9 feet creates a comfortable ceiling height. Ample overhangs provide extra protection from the elements. This design is great for many uses: a freestanding workshop, gardener’s shed or dining pavilion. […]

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Easy Timber Frame Plan

12×16 Timber Frame King Post Plan

Do you want to add interest and shade to your outdoor space or build a tiny home?  Take a look at this nicely sized 12×16 timber frame king post plan! Though small enough for most backyards or small lots, this graceful structure can comfortably accommodate your conversation grouping, outdoor kitchen/dining or hot tub and lounge […]

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12×24 Pergola Plan

This 12×24 pergola plans has such versatile proportions! The area in each bent is roughly 12×12, so one bay could house a dining area and the other a conversation grouping. Or use both bays as one large dining area – you could have seating for up to twenty people!  Add this onto the side of your […]

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