14×16 Timber Frame Plan

14x16 Timber Frame Plan

A slightly enlarged version of our 12×16 plan, this 14×16 timber frame plan offers you incredible versatility in the final use of this frame.  Whether you are looking for a shed out back or an entryway into your new home, this plan will meet your requirements.

Measuring 14 feet deep and 16 feet wide with an 8-inch roof pitch, this plan comes with 21 pages of drawings, renderings, and piece sizes… it contains all the info you will need to cut this frame successfully.  Formatted in PDF for instant download.

Check out this plan in our shop here: 14×16 Timber Frame.

Check this plan out in our shop –14×16 Timber Frame (SKU 2460)

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16 thoughts on “14×16 Timber Frame Plan”

  1. do you have a 14′ wide by 16′ deep version of this plan? I want the roof peek opening at 14′ wide and the sloping roof on the 16′ deep side. looks like this plan is the opposite of what I want.

    Also the 14 x 16 dimensions are the post locations not the overhang measurement correct?

    How tall is the opening all the way around. Going to use this as a pool pavilion and need to walk into this structure from all sides

  2. We currently do not have that plan available, we do have a 14wx18d deep plan that we can modify to meet your needs. The 14×16 is from outside of post to outside of post with a 2′ overhang all the way around. The height of the rafter tails in the plans is 8’6 and to the bottom of the tie beam is 7’6 but you can easily add some height by lengthening the posts. Let us know how we can help.

  3. No, due to the nature of the joinery and how much wood is taken out of the timbers it is not possible to make this frame as designed strong enough to use 6×6’s. We are working on a plan that uses the T-Rex Connectors that will be made from 6x material. However, some of the beams will need to still be larger that 6×6’s.

  4. I am also interested in the 14 wide x 16 long plan modified. What would the cost of this be with the modifications ? I am looking to only have 4 main posts. What is the cost for your plan of 14w x 18d and would that plan sit on 4 main posts? What is the roof pitch? Can the roof pitch be modified if needed? Thanks for your time in advance.

  5. So just to clarify, on this 14×16 plan, the dimensions are to the outside of the main posts, not the roof overhang, correct ? So the roof-covered area would actually be larger ? And the 16′ dimension is along the ridge beam direction, correct ? Thank you.

  6. Katrina Williams

    Ross, the dimensions are 14×16 from outside of post to outside of post. However, it is the 14′ dimension along the ridge and 19′ across the gable end.

  7. Katrina Williams

    It is 14′-9 1/16″ to the top of the ridge; 15′-8 1/2″ to the peak of the rafters.

  8. Hi
    I’m about to order these 14×16 plans and had a couple questions.
    This 14×16 frame fits my needs to a Tee, almost. Like most comments I have requests.
    Can this structure handle the snow load for my area of NY State, 12446?
    This frame will be a sunken living room addition to a log home and will attach on the gable end. You have a 12×16 design showing that flush attachment. Ideally I would like to shift the wall Girts to have a 4 ft overhang for summer sun protection, and flush on the other end. Will 45’s be needed for that cantilevered overhang?
    What is the height to the bottom of the gable girt in the un altered plan? I couldn’t tell on an IPad.
    Thanks for your help.

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