16×32 Timber Frame Pavilion

16x32 Arched Chord Pavilion Aerial View

This 16×32 timber frame pavilion is a project for an experienced timber framer. The cross gable and curved timbers create a dynamic, elegant structure, although they certainly add to the challenge of cutting this frame. Designed initially as a boathouse, this pavilion could be used as a generous outdoor living space or even a small guest house.  We include detailed piece drawings in the plans for each timber with compound joinery.

Please note that the outside and outside of the post dimensions are 16′ x 32’ 3 3/4″.

When you purchase this plan, you receive four instantly downloadable PDF files:

You get two plan sets with your purchase. The first set is seven sheets with the plan, section, and elevations formatted to 24″x 36″ for printing at your local copy shop. The second set is 11 sheets of piece drawings formatted to 8 1/2″ x 11″ so you can print from home and study them.

We also include a PDF file with the timber list so you can easily budget this project and procure your timbers.

If you are an experienced framer ready to showcase your skills, this 16×32 timber frame pavilion may be just the thing for you!

Check out this plan in our shop: 16×32 Timbered Pavilion.

16x32 Arched Chord Pavilion Front View

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5 thoughts on “16×32 Timber Frame Pavilion”

  1. Would it be possible for you to expand the 16’x24’ to 16’x30’?

    I would like to purchase a set of plans in that size.

  2. Katrina Williams

    Rob, we don’t currently have this plan in a 16×24, but can modify it for you on a custom basis. Please check out our Custom Design services here.

  3. I’d love to make a slightly simplified version of this plan at around half this size (8 or 10’x 16’). Keeping the kingpost beams along the length (removing the hammer beams from the ends) and making a simpler hammer beam (but perhaps keeping the central arch) for the middle area.

    I could see it as making a handsome little storage outbuilding/play house perhaps with a stone paved fire pit area in front.

    Perhaps I’ll succeed but I’ll reach out if I need help!

    Thanks for the awesome plans/ideas

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