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Opossum Creek Cabin – A Timber Frame Garage

Are you considering adding a timber frame garage? Do you dream of working from home? Now is your opportunity to do so, and “build up, not out” – at a scale that nests beautifully into any neighborhood or onto any lot. Create your office, studio, or workshop, and enjoy a convenient, private, and spacious one-bedroom home above in the Opossum Creek “Garage.”

Welcome colleagues and clients to your workspace, which is punctuated by the elegance of timber frame features, a covered deck area, and barn doors that open wide for airflow and light (or vehicles or oversized equipment, should you choose to use space as a garage).

At the end of the day, you can welcome friends upstairs to your home. As they enter your home from the second story deck, they will marvel at the open feel of the main living area. The space flows from a large U-shaped kitchen that opens up into a dining area and great room, made more spacious by a cathedral ceiling and dormers. The single bedroom spans the width of the house and offers a cozy retreat at the end of your day.

Though the footprint is relatively small, potential storage spaces abound, thanks to thoughtful design and planning. Download the plans today and get started on your new combination home and workspace. The plans include drawings, 3D renderings, and a timber list to ensure you get all the materials you need to cut and raise the frame of your new home.

  • Heated Square Feet – 1440 sqft
  • Covered Decks – 360 sqft
  • Total – 1800 sqft

Check out this plan in our shop: Opossum Creek Garage

Opossum Creek Cabin frame
Opossum Creek Cabin plan

Whether you’re looking for smaller living quarters while building a larger house, or as an inlaw suite or rental, the timber frame Opossum Creek Cabin /Garage may be the answer for you. It packs all the essentials for an individual or couple into the upstairs, while retaining a large garage downstairs. While it is set up as an efficiency, a wall may be put up to separate the bedroom from the other living space.

Plan Guarantee

Important Information:

Purchaser agrees that the use of the plan is for the construction of one house or frame only*, and that the plan or any part of it will not be reproduced by any means without the written consent of the copyright owner.

Timber Frame HQ provides plans for construction purposes but does not oversee the construction. The plan purchaser is responsible for assuring the plan meets local codes and regulations. It is the responsibility of the plan purchaser to obtain any and all structural analysis, engineering and specifications that may be required in the municipality in which it is to be built. Plan purchaser is to verify all lot conditions and measurements before construction. Purchaser is responsible for additional expenses incurred in order to meet local code and engineering requirements.

Customer understands that the following conditions in your specific area may require additional engineering:

  1. Wind / hurricane / tornado
  2. Seismic / earthquake
  3. Heavy snow
  4. Flood potential
  5. Soil instability
  6. Timber Frame Engineering

Customer understands that HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical will not be included in all plans.

When you purchase a set of plans, you are purchasing a limited copyright license for a design giving you the right to build that structure one time at your location. Your copyright license was granted when you paid the purchase fee. You do not have the right to build the design a second time unless you have a signed agreement with Timber Frame HQ. Please note that copyright law protects “derivative works” the same as it protects the original design. That means that making some changes doesn’t make it a new design. We do not allow modifications of our designs by others, without permission. Your copyright license does not allow another professional to represent our design work as their own.

Timber Frame HQ retains all common law, statutory and other reserved rights, including the copyright. This applies even when you have participated in the development of the design to a significant degree.

19 thoughts on “Opossum Creek Cabin – A Timber Frame Garage”

  1. Brice,
    My sawmill can cut 16ft 6in would i need any timbers longer than this to build the opossum creek?

    Thanks David
    Cassatt SC.

  2. Yes, the plan has all the timbers pulled out, into individual drawings and dimensioned. There are 13 sheets in this drawing, they are sized for 24×36 sheets. You can get them printed at a local printer or office supply store.

  3. I was wonder the heights for the garage and the upstairs. I’m hoping the garage is at least 12feet tall.

  4. The garage downstairs is 10′ but, would be easy to add 2′ to the wall height the up. From the upstairs subfloor to the peak of the roof is just over 13′

  5. Hi Brice,
    How difficult would it be to turn the shed roof into a deck? My thought is to access the 2nd floor deck via a door through the living room.



  6. It can be turned into a deck. The key is to waterproof it correctly. I would look to some of the commercial flat roof systems.

  7. Could the downstairs be converted into living space with a kitchen with future use as a garage. Would also mean filling in garage door due to insulation/aesthetics.

  8. Yes, you can modify the downstairs to fit your needs, adding doors and windows for more light and options.

  9. Joan Austin-Mauldin

    What is the total height at the peak of the roof and wall height please? Our city code uses a “midpoint” of the roof pitch from the wall height to the peak for what they allow as a maximum height. Thank you!

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