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16×16 Timber Frame Plan

16x16 Timber Frame Plan16x16 Pavilion Plan This 16×16 timber frame plan sports an 8 inch roof pitch and utilizes a simple but effective roof system, allowing anyone to cut and raise this great looking frame. The 256 square feet structure would make a great garden shed, artist studio, or if left open-sided, a dining pavilion.

The pdf plans contain 21 pages full of drawings, 3d renderings and a timber list, providing you with everything that you will need to cut the frame, fast and accurately. The plans are in PDF format, ready for instant download.

Of course, use  the frame as you would like but some possible options include a pavilion, shed, workshop or even a pergola.

40 thoughts on “16×16 Timber Frame Plan”

  1. I would like to buy this plan in the near future and I am wondering if the plans come with detailed cut information for the mortis and tenon joints? I am new to mortis and tenon and I am trying to find plans that include this information.

    An example, I do not notice any pins on the rafter beams. I wondering if you use a butt joint style, closed with a screw & bolt on this design? I would like to stick to traditional dowel and mortis and tenon type rafter. If this is not available on the plans presented is it possible to get the style I would like to adhere to?

    1. Darren,
      The plans do have all the similar timbers pulled out and detailed with dimensions. On the rafter tails some folks like to used pegs but I prefer to screw them with a GRK RSS screw. Let me know if you have any other questions. And remember that we do offer a 30 day refund if you are not happy with them.

  2. Hi Brice

    I am looking to build a 17X17 foot timber frame cover so the support lags match up to block columns that are already in place. Is the dimension taken at the support post or at the roof line. If detention is taken at the support leg then you are showing a 2 foot over hang at each end. The support beams would around 21ft. I want to make sure my lumber is the right dimension. Can I call you. thanks richard

    1. There are only a couple of places in the frame that we could use a lap joint. To simplify the cutting of the frame you can just leave off the tenons, house all the joints (as shown in the plans) and use a structural to hold everything together.

  3. I’m curious if these beams need to be a specific type of lumber. I want to build this out of red cedar. Would these beam spans be suffice for a 16 x 16′ plan?

    1. It depend on where you live and the roof loads. Cedar by nature is not very strong. If you could send me an email at info(at)timberframehq.com with your location and I will look into it.

  4. Royce Piscitello

    I am considering using these plans for a pavilion on public property. My local building department requires that my drawings are sealed by a licensed Illinois architect or engineer. Is this the case with your plans or would I need to have them redrawn?

    1. The plans are not stamped and we would need to do a little work to get them ready for an engineer to stamp them. Let us know and we can work with you to get that completed.

  5. Do your plans come with a complete materials list? Are Simpson type ties required or suggested and included with a materials list?

      1. I am looking to build a 16×16 Timber Frame and my HOA is being very specific. Can you tell me the overall height and do you make any modifications for height if needed?

  6. How many BF are in this plan? so i can get a ballpark price on different materials before i buy the plans. ( i see that you posted a material list for the 19×22 frame). i’m comparing my options. Thanks,

    1. See below for the timber list.
      In the timber list, we add some length to accommodate two things.
      1- You can never end up with a rough timber that is too short for what you need.
      2- More importantly though is the extra length allows you to more the final piece up or down on the timber so that you don’t end up with a knot or other defect where the joinery will be. Just makes it easier/more enjoyable to cut.

  7. Jeffrey Taylor

    I’m interested in these plans. Would it be possible to know the post size? The exact dimension between post to post?

  8. Jeffrey Taylor

    Thanks Brice, really appreciate the info. Last question and I think Im going to pull the trigger on this. I’m have a 5:12 roof pitch and I’m look to match that or just a bit lower so it doesn’t look un-proportional to the house. Can you tell me if 5:12 or 4:12 is an option in the set and what the height is to the bottom of the tie beams as currently spec’d I may need to add a few feet to the posts to get my desired height.

  9. Hey Brice,

    I am logging out some hemlock logs and was wondering about your thoughts on using this kind of wood for this, and some of the other, structure(s).



  10. Can T. rex mounting plates be used? Very little knowledge on how to make those required cuts into the beams

  11. Dennis Schlichter

    Hi I like this plan , possible to get a 18 x 16 with a foot overhang on 16 ft dimension and Simpson connectors ?

  12. I am interested in the 16×16 plan. I saw the timber schedule in your comments and wanted to make sure I’m reading it correctly. Are the ties and plates really 8x12s? and 4×10 rafters sound awfully heavy. I am just worried about all of that weight being held up by 4 8×8 posts. Also, with lumber this heavy, it would be much larger than a 2 man project. Please advise.

    1. They are that big because we do not know where the frame is going to be built we went with larger timbers in case there are any downloads that need to be dealt with. Where do you live?

  13. Hi Brice, Could you provide me with the complete timber frame schedule for this 16′ X 16′ structure? I’d like to price out the material for the purpose of building this frame. I took two week long timber frame courses here in Ontario, so I’d like to give this plan a go. Thanks!

      1. Chris Marcolini

        Hi Katrina, I am obviously an idiot! I believe that I should have stated that I am looking for this plan in a 16′ X 18′ layout? Would there be such a plan available? Sorry for the error on the first request.

  14. Do you have a material list for the 16′ x 16′ structure? What is the roof pitch? I called and left a message
    Thank you

    1. Katrina Williams

      Carlos, this plan is drawn with an 8:12 pitch, but we include drawings for pitch variations from 3:12 up to 12:12 Here is the timber list

      1. Thank you. I saw the same list above. Others asked and you responded that sizes could be smaller depending on location. I’m in NJ. Rafters here are usually 2 x 8 . Plates are usually 6 x 10. The plates here say 22′ long. Should that be 16′ long same as the ties?

        Thank you

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