24×24 Shed Roof Outbuilding

Are you looking for a carport, garage, workshop, or guest house plans? Look no further! This 24×24 shed roof outbuilding can serve many purposes! With 576 square feet, there is plenty of room for whatever you have in mind- a garage, carport, workshop, or guest quarters. At the standard 3:12 pitch, the ceiling rises to over 16 feet, but we include variations for 4:12 and 5:12 pitches to give you some options. Increase the ceiling height and add a loft for storage or sleeping! Either way, windows in the upper section will create a light-filled space.

Show off your timber framing skills with this design- along with mortise and tenons, you will cut scarf and spline joints. This will be a structure you want to show off to friends and family!

The 28-sheet set of plans includes 3-dimensional renderings and plan, elevation, and sectional drawings. We include detailed drawings showing each cut on every timber, so no guesswork is involved.  We also provide a timber list and fastener schedule, so you know what you need when purchasing your materials. The plan set is formatted to 8/12” x 11”, and you can easily print it from home or your neighborhood copy shop.

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21 thoughts on “24×24 Shed Roof Outbuilding”

  1. It is possible, but it would need to carry a lot of loads as this frame has a load-bearing ridge.

  2. Helen R Fleming

    Hello, is there a way to remove the center post space (perhaps shortening it to 20×24 or 16×24 so it is an open space with no center post?

    Thank you,

  3. Hi, can you tell me what the longest length beam I would need for this plan? I’m guessing 12’ but wanted to check for sure.

  4. What would it cost to adapt this to a 48′ x 24′ structure with the roof peaked in the center and be suitable to add straw bale walls? I am planning a large workshop so center posts would not be a problem if needed.

  5. Is this plan editable in Sketch-Up? I want to change the post heights to 18-16-14, and I also need to change the building footprint to 24×22…
    Let me know. Thanks . SB

  6. Katrina Williams

    Ruben, we can help you with that through our custom design department. In order to get in communication with our team and receive an estimate for the work, please go to this page and fill out the questionnaire

  7. You need some plans for solar carports for condo associations. In my case it would be 8 cars, with solar panels facing south, 8:12 rise.

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