Queen Size Timber Frame Bed

Queen Size Timber Frame Bed Plan (42073)-with Models

Take a look at this queen-size timber frame bed! This would be a great way to incorporate the strength and beauty of timber frames into your home! The timber frame and craftsman-like style give it a rugged elegance. The chamfered tops on the sturdy 6×6 posts add a bit of refinement to this queen-size timber frame bed. And you’ll be proud to show off the mortise and tenon joinery to your friends!   

The overall dimensions are 5’-5 ½” x 7’-9”. The headboard is 4’-3 ¾” tall, and the footboard is 3’-3 ¾” tall. We have incorporated a 1 ¼” x 1” channel for decking the headboard and footboard infill – or you can use the material of your choice. This is designed for a box spring- the purchaser must add a plywood platform if a box spring is not used.

You will receive links to download the plan set pdf as soon as you purchase. The construction set contains three pages of completely dimensioned drawings to help you understand how to cut and assemble the bed frame. The piece drawing set has nine pages that contain 2-and 3-dimensional drawings of every timber, with each cut noted and dimensioned. We also provide you with peg and timber lists so that you know exactly what to purchase to get started on this fun and rewarding project.

Queen Size Timber Frame Bed (42073) - Plan Overview
Queen Size Timber Frame Bed (42073) - Piece Overview

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8 thoughts on “Queen Size Timber Frame Bed”

  1. This looks great. Would be amazing finished in shou sugi ban style. I’d be interested in king plans, too.

  2. Michael and Janet Malik

    My wife and I are really intrigued. If one has to move the bed to a new location (home)? How does it come apart?

  3. No, Jim, it is not cost-effective for us to provide kits for the furniture plans. They would be prohibitively expensive. Thank you for asking.

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