Timber Frame Garden Bench Plans

Timber Frame Garden Bench Plans, assembled

Looking for a bench design that is sturdy, timeless and has a look that everyone will want? These timber frame garden bench plans  are a great design that is made extra special by the wedged tenon.

Since the lumber pieces are on the small side, this could make a perfect beginning timber frame project. You can easily build a set of these timber frame benches  over a long weekend. You will need  a drill, 3/4" drill bit, circular saw, a chisel and some basic hand tools.  

All the materials are available at home centers unless you want to use another species of wood that they don't have. If you want a specific wood species,  then heading to your local lumber supply house or your local sawmill will be your best bet.

When you’re choosing your timbers, take a little time to sort through the pile and get the straightest ones. As with all timbers they will twist a little after you build the bench but it will be easier if they are straight when you’re cutting the joints and assembling the bench.

Download the Plans

garden bench plans Dimensioned drawings
Garden Bench Plan Dimensions

Download the Plans

Material List for Garden Bench Plans
Garden Bench Plans

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