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Founded in 2010, we are proud to be a self-funded, profitable, and remote company on a mission to help you better understand timber framing and help build one.

We serve customers in 25+ countries and work with the best people around the world: our remote team of over 6 TFHQ'ers work remotely throughout the US, Canada and Australia.

Our Core Values

  1. Treat everyone like a grandmother
  2. Make stuff that feels good to make
  3. Support team and company growth
  4. Be industry leaders
  5. Be diligent and swift

Our Core Focus

  1. Breakdown the barriers in getting a timber frame
  2. Educate folks about timber frames
  3. Growth
Biggest Mistake on Raising Day

Timber Frame HQ's founder, Brice Cochran has been working in the timber frame industry for 17 years as a timber framer in the shop, project manager, designer.  He is now the  President and . He is the proud father of two: Maddie and Liam. And he is happily married to his beautiful wife Christie.

He also finished building his own 3,000-square-foot timber frame home in SC while starting his career in the timber frame industry.  He learned a lot through that process and is at the core of what he is trying to achieve by building TFHQ and helping people build timber frames.

Hey TFHQ Team. I just wanted to show you some pictures. We got it up and it all fit perfectly. I want to say thank you. You did an awesome job on the plans I couldn’t have done it without them. Thanks again.

- Mark McColloch

Meet the Team

Brice Cochran


More than a decade ago, he discovered a passion for timber framing, a craft driven by both artistry and mathematics. The craft of timber framing offers more than one lifetime’s worth of learning opportunities, and to do it well.

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William Woody


William graduated from Walters State Community College with an Associates degree in Industrial technology, with an emphasis in Drafting and Design. He has worked on architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, civil... Read On

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Katrina Williams 

Jack of All Trades

Katrina earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in Interior Design from Florida State University. She practiced and taught design in Florida for many years. She truly enjoys being immersed in the beautiful world of timber frames.

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Chris Miller

Lead Designer

Borned and raised in the northwestern mountains of North Carolina he has been   in construction his whole life. He decided to move into timber framing 26 years ago and  fell in love with it. He is laid back, and has been told that strongest assets are artistic imagination, and his sense of humor.

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Brandon Sullivan

Office and Marketing Administrator

Brandon cannot remember a time when he didn’t want to build his own home with hand-cut joinery and a lot of Eastern white pine.  After a stint as a high school math teacher, he apprenticed at The Heartwood School with Will Beemer who introduced Brandon to the craft and trade of timber framing... Read On

22 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. If I order one of your sets of plans. How long will it take to arrive. I live in Vancouver Bc Canada

  2. Good evening. I’m looking for timber frame plans for a small house/cabin that is 24×34 with 1 bdr down/loft bdr, kitchen, bath, living area. Do you have one or can you make one?

    Thank you,
    Jim Hathaway

  3. Katrina Williams

    Jim, we don’t currently have plans as you describe. We could work with you on a custom basis, however. We do take on custom projects and would like to talk to you further about yours. Check out our page, HERE, describing what we offer and the process of our custom design services. 

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the design questionnaire so we can understand your needs. That’s the best way to communicate with our team and get an estimate for design services.

    As soon as we get your information and give it a quick review we’ll contact you. Please allow a couple of days for our designers to respond.  
    Good luck with your project.

  4. Hi Brice,
    Nice Site
    I am building a porch onto a small cabin and like your 8 x 12 12 /12 pitch with 8×8’s design. Structurally can I change the pitch to 5/12 and it still be structurally sound?

  5. The dimensions are 6′ x 10′ from outside to outside of the posts. The overall roof/beam dimensions are 10′-10″ x 12′-8″

  6. Dennis Capnerhurst

    Hi, plans look great but I’m just wondering what exactly you get with the plan? Are these plans all engineered and ready to take in for building approval from my local county? Are the plans wood species dependant or do they assume a specific species? Are loads calculated to include most snow and wind load or other factors that may vary from region to region?
    Also, what is included in the membership? Does one have access to all the plans?

    Thank you.

  7. Dennis, The plans we offer on our website have all been reviewed by an engineer, but not stamped. People build our frames all over the country, and in each location, there are different requirements. Timber species, design loads, and values needed are just some of the factors engineers need to take into account in each case. In fact, an engineer will not stamp a set of drawings unless the site address is on the plans.

    We do offer engineering services as an add-on to our standard plans. If this is something you are interested in, head over to https://timberframehq.com/custom-design/questionnaire/ and fill out the brief questionnaire. Armed with that information, we can get our heads into your project before we speak. That way we are best prepared to answer all of your questions.

    Getting an engineer to review and seal them begins at about $250 depending on your location and the complexity of the plan.

    You can check out the plans that are included in the Plan Bundle here.

  8. We want to build a timberframe barn like your monitor style 32×28 barn for livestock. We don’t need to have an engineer stamp it to go ahead, but can you tell me if it was designed to be built with pine timbers? I’ve done a little timberframing for a porch in the past that was built with oak timbers and that was pretty hard stuff to work with.

  9. We don’t really assume or design the frames to one spec. There are too many variables. We do try and design them so they can be built in most places with a #2 Doug fir in mind.

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