24×24 Timber Frame King Post Pavilion

Are you looking for a clean and simple, slightly larger pavilion plan? This 24×24 timber frame king post pavilion boasts 576 square feet. That makes it a perfect size to become a generous garage with storage options, a sweet guest house, or a roomy workshop.

You will be proud of creating this pavilion with traditional timber frame mortise and tenon joinery – there are even scarf joints to cut, and show off for the beams and plates. The plans are drawn with a standard roof pitch of 6 in 12; however, we include pitch options from 3 in 12 up to 12 in 12, so you can customize the look to suit your style!

The ridge stands over 16 feet high at the standard pitch, making for a nice volume ceiling. And the roof of this pavilion has generous two-foot overhangs for extra protection from the elements.

The 33-sheet set of plans includes 3-dimensional renderings and plan, elevation, and sectional drawings. We include detailed drawings showing each cut on every timber, so no guesswork is involved.  There is also a timber list and fastener schedules to make purchasing your materials easier. Since the plan set is formatted to 8/12” x 11”, you can easily print it from home or your neighborhood print shop.

Check out this plan in our shop: 24×24 King Post Plan.

Plan Guarantee

Important Information:

Timber Frame HQ provides plans for construction purposes but does not oversee the construction. The plan purchaser is responsible for assuring the plan meets local codes and regulations. It is the responsibility of the plan purchaser to obtain any and all structural analysis, engineering and specifications that may be required in the municipality in which it is to be built. Plan purchaser is to verify all lot conditions and measurements before construction. Purchaser is responsible for additional expenses incurred in order to meet local code and engineering requirements.

Customer understands that the following conditions in your specific area may require additional engineering:

  1. Wind / hurricane / tornado
  2. Seismic / earthquake
  3. Heavy snow
  4. Flood potential
  5. Soil instability
  6. Timber Frame Engineering

Customer understands that HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical will not be included in all plans.

When you purchase a set of plans, you are purchasing a limited copyright license for a design giving you the right to build that structure one time at your location. Your copyright license was granted when you paid the purchase fee. You do not have the right to build the design a second time unless you have a signed agreement with Timber Frame HQ. Please note that copyright law protects “derivative works” the same as it protects the original design. That means that making some changes doesn’t make it a new design. We do not allow modifications of our designs by others, without permission. Your copyright license does not allow another professional to represent our design work as their own.

Timber Frame HQ retains all common law, statutory and other reserved rights, including the copyright. This applies even when you have participated in the development of the design to a significant degree.

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39 thoughts on “24×24 Timber Frame King Post Pavilion”

  1. greetings, I’m interested in the 24×24. for it to fit my applications I need 9ft ceiling at the cross timbers and a 12 ft opening at one end??

  2. Katrina Williams

    Hi Scott- Thanks for the question! You can an adjust the roof pitch to suit the height you are after- the plans come with pitch options from 3:12 to 12:12. And you can easily adjust the post length
    to adjust the height of the crossbeam.

  3. The 24×24 is outside of post to outside of the post, with the overhang it is 28×28. Do you need a 22×22, we have a design that is almost completed that will work, zap us an email at support@timberframehq.com for more info on it.

  4. Katrina Williams

    Jay, we don’t currently have 22′ wide plans on the site, but can handle that on a custom basis. Check out our Custom Design page for more information!

  5. Will the frame support cedar roof slats on the exterior and then either a metal roof or composite shingles. In laymans terms when I am under it I only want to see cedar lining and no roof or plywood.

  6. Is this set of plans designed to use 4×4 posts? If I use 8×8 and 4×12 across the ends can I avoid having to use 1 post in the middle of one end and avoid using 2 posts in the middle of the other end? Or can i at least avoid having 2 posts at one of the ends and just have 1 at each end?

  7. Katrina Williams

    Eric, it is 8′-5 3/8″ to the top of the tie beam, and 16′-0 1/2″ to the top of the ridge

  8. Why is the middle bent, scarf joint offset from the front, supported king post? Seems like it would be better aligned so that scarf joint (and associated post) were in the center of the bent. That way if this structure were to be used as a car port, one would achieve two full depth bays for vehicles. Also how would one protect the post bottoms from rain splash and termites?

  9. You can move that post to the center and repeat one of the end bent configurations. I include three versions of how you can handle it to give you complete flexibility.

  10. Looking for a low profile building and I know you include multiple roof pitch options. What is the lowest ridge height possible for this design?

  11. We offer this plan with roof pitch options from 3:12 up to 12:12. The 3:12 has a ridge height of a bit under 13 feet.

  12. Can you adapt this king post plan to 32′ x 32′ with a 4/12 pitch and if so, what would be the cost of the plan?

  13. What type of foundation is required for the 24×24 w/7/12 pitch?

    Do I need a footing/stem wall or can I build on a monolithic slab or concrete piers?

    Thank you

  14. So I’m looking at your 24×24 timber frame, what is the beam and post diffrence in the timber frame and the heavy timber frame plans

  15. 24×24 Timber Frame King Post Pavilion will perfectly work for me, but I would like to have a loft if thats possible? I would like to use this to build my house and will attaching sips to timber frame. What is your advice?

  16. What size are the posts, beams, rafters? Trying to figure out if I have the required logs to build this. Thanks

  17. Hello. 2 questions. Is it possible to install a garage doors between the bays? Can this be modified/ reinforced for a 2/12 pitch in snow country? Thanks

  18. Katrina Williams

    Depending on how you finish the enclosure could install garage doors. We would not recommend a 2:12 pitch in snow country.

  19. Hello, I have a friend with a sawmill and therefore and affordable route to get enough timber to make an entire structure to replace my aging shop building. His sawmill has some limitations. What’s the cost to design me a similar shaped building but with 6×6, 6×8 and 6×10?

  20. Katrina Williams

    Ben, by the nature of timber frames, typically heavy timbers (ie 8×8 posts) are used in order to house the joinery. Sometimes in smaller structures, we can design with 6x but that is not typical. If you want to get help from our design team, please go to this page and click on the “Get Started Today” button.

  21. On this 24×24 garage plan, where do the garage doors go? On the gable end or the eave side? We want two 8″ doors on the eave side but not sure they will fit with the diagonal beams on each side of the opening. Please advise. Thank you.

  22. You can omit the knee braces on one the eave side to accommodate the doors. That will give you plenty of room for your doors. You could even increase the size of the doors if you wanted.

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