16×24 Timber Frame Shed Roof Plan

16×24 Timber Frame Shed Roof Side View

Are you looking for a simple, easy, streamlined frame for a workshop, carport, animal shed, guest cabin, or just about anything else? Check out this 16×24 timber frame shed roof plan! The single roof plane means there are fewer timbers and joints to cut, making this frame a pretty quick one to get off the sawhorses and serving your purpose. Yet with 384 square feet, this plan has plenty of space, and the generous two-foot overhangs provide extra protection from the elements.

The peak rises to over fourteen feet, which allows enough headroom for a storage loft. You can leave it open and add windows for great natural lighting. With only three bents in the design, the floor space is flexible for your needs. Yet the 8x timbers create a sturdy, rugged frame.

The 20-page set of plans includes renderings, plan, elevation, sectional drawings, and three-dimensional drawings so you can visualize the finished product. We also include detailed drawings showing each cut on every timber, so no guesswork is involved. In addition, we provide a timber list and fastener schedules to make purchasing your materials a snap. The plan set is formatted in 8/12” x 11”, so you can easily print it from home or your neighborhood print shop.

Check this plan out in our shop – 16×24 Shed Roof Plan  (38236)

16×24 Timber Frame Shed Roof Birdseye Rendering

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27 thoughts on “16×24 Timber Frame Shed Roof Plan”


    Could these plans be adapted to using full dimension timbers and using square rule layout. Also could knee braces be changed easily to single shoulder lap tenons that are flush to the outside. I guess this question could be for any of your other plans as well.

  2. Would it be possible to get just a materials list for lengths of the timbers required in this plan?
    I like the simplicity of this plan for a shop, but it hinges on us being able to mill our timbers on our wood mizer mill. If it seems feasible, I would certainly procedd to buy the plans when ready to start planning.


  3. Hi – I would like to add a steel roof to this in an area that has light to moderate amount of snow. Is there any modification needed or suggested? Thanks!

  4. dimensions please for loft including height . Wanting to use it for walk-around bed (don’t want to “crawl” in this space)

  5. Katrina Williams

    The dimensions are 16’x24′ from outside to outside of the posts. From the top pf the tie beam to the bottom of the raftes, the height is 1′-2 1/2″ on the short side and 5′-0 5/8″ on the tall side. The roof pitch is set up at 3:12; if you wanted more head room you could make a steeper pitch. Hope that helps!

  6. To have more headroom could the plans you have now be used or would I have to request custom plans ?

  7. What are the dimensions of the posts and beams in this design? Also curious why the scarf joint for the beams are shown over a knee brace instead of directly over the center post? Thanks!

  8. Katrina Williams

    The plans we offer on our website have all been reviewed by an engineer. People build our frames all over the country, and in each location, there are different requirements.  Timber species, design loads, and values needed are just some of the factors engineers need to take into account in each case.  In fact, an engineer will not stamp a set of drawings unless the site address is on the plans.

    We do offer engineering services as an add-on to our standard plans. We can offer these services in all states except Illinois and Hawaii. We can also serve the Canadian Provinces of AB, BC, ON, SK, AND YT. If this is something you are interested in, head over to this link and fill out the brief questionnaire. 
    As soon as we get your information and give it a quick review we’ll contact you. Please allow a couple of days for our team to respond.  

  9. I am thnking about building a solar carport (20×26) with a 9 degree pitch Would this basic plan work for that (with some modifications of course.)

  10. Katrina Williams

    Corey, this plan is designed with a 3:12 pitch. Depending on your location, a 1:12 pitch may not be desirable. You can use this form to contact our custom design team to find out more.

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