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  1. Do you have a printed publication that covers your excellent online “Joints and Joinery.” Are they covered by your Three Free Plans?

  2. This is great information about timber framing as just getting started in this great craft I’m looking to learn more and more about this and do as much research as possible to help me be the best I can be.!! Thanks

  3. good morning. I’d be interested in seeing some truss joinery. In particular scissor truss where the king post and cross struts meet (3 timbers ) Also king post trusses where the king post extends down past the lower chord in full width. Thanks

  4. Can you discuss the relative strengths and merits of different woods and trees? Is southern longleaf or yellow pine suitably strong as a beam? And does it pose any particular problems, twisting, excessive shrinkage drying after being cut green?

    1. Matthew Stevens

      SYP is suitable for timber framing. Both of my personal frames have them. They are stronger than most other species in the SE. They do twist, bow and move more than other species but that can be accounted for in some cases.

  5. Hi there, i need some help on designing and cutting a criss cross gable truss.
    do you guys have an article on those ???

  6. Question: I’ve been working with red oak this summer and I’m getting ready to assemble the bents and corner braces. What’s common practice for the drawbore offset with oak?

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