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The EcoNest company…
founded in 1996 by Robert Laporte and Paula Baker-Laporte has evolved a unique and proven training system. Graduate professional builders and owner-builders have successfully built EcoNest homes throughout North America.
Our Timber Framing Workshops gives you hands-on experience in timber framing – a true craft. embed/WgGp8hDszzY It offers you a unique opportunity to work with timbers as well as with others of like mind. For some, this experience could be a doorway into the rich world of wooden architecture and perhaps the beginnings of a career in timber framing. Regardless of your intent, the process of transforming a tree into one of the “bones” of a home is magical.

In this five-day workshop, you will review the history of timber framing and contemporary practices used to build modern timber frame homes. Students will learn the basic principles of crafting a timber frame and will develop the following skills:

Wood selection: Learn how to chose the right timber in the correct orientation to transform a tree into a structural member of a home
Shop drawings: Make sense of complex shop drawings by learning to understand the details and dimension lines necessary to producing accurate work
Layout: Learn how to take information from drawings and accurately and efficiently transfer them to the timbers before cutting.
Joinery: Learn to precisely cut mortise and tenon joinery with hand and power tools.
Sharpening: Using Japanese water stones, gain proficiency in giving your chisels, slicks and planes a supreme cutting edge.
Assembly: Learn to mate joints with wooden pegs and assemble timbers into bents and walls.
Raising: Participate in the experience of erecting a timber frame and see your patient hand-work become a three-dimensional reality.

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