Timber Frame Plans

This is the main page for all of our house, porch, garage and bungalow timber frame plans. Feel free to browse through them and let us know if you would like to see any thing specific and we will search it out for you.

Timber Frame Construction Details

Looking for a resource for timber frame construction details? Learn about this type of construction and the details, joints and joinery that are related to this craft.

Articles and Tips

Finding the right information will help you with your timber frame project. Whether it is on lighting a timber frame or delving into specific joints and timbered trusses this is one of the best resources.

Timber Frame Photos

Need some inspiration for your project or are you looking for the right detail to put in your timber frame home. Browse through our gallery of photos.

Timber Frame HQ - Why are we here?

Finding the right information on timber framing is pivotal for your project whether it is for a commercial or residential building. We have created this site to provide you a resource to help you find exactly what you are looking for.