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24' Clear Span Trusses - Isometric

24′ Clear Span King Post Truss with Purlins

If you want to incorporate the beauty and strength of timber frame into your stick-built project, these 24′ clear span king post truss plans might just fit the bill! You will add a lot of charm and character to any space with these king posts with through tenons.

Claudio Chapieski Pine and Oak Garage

Claudio Chapieski Pine and Oak Garage

I am Brazilian, I work in the industrial maintenance area, as a hobby I do some wood projects. For a long time I intended to build a wooden structure to serve as a garage, so I purchased the King Post 16 “X20” project to learn and understand how this type of construction works

12x24 Post and Beam Pavilion 3D

12×24 Post and Beam Pavilion Plan

Are you wanting the beauty and strength of heavy timbers but want to avoid cutting all the traditional joinery? Take a look at this 12×24 post and beam pavilion plan! It is a great medium size that can fit in many landscapes, yet it is big enough to accommodate multiple activities- think of an outdoor kitchen and dining pavilion, for one!

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