Claudio Chapieski Pine and Oak Garage

Claudio Chapieski Pine and Oak Garage

Project Information


Claudio Chapieski

Wood Species:

Araucaria pine, oak columns


Maria Roier

Timber Framer:

Claudio Chapieski

Project Location:

Hunter SC Brazil

Project Description:

I am Brazilian, I work in the industrial maintenance area, as a hobby I do some wood projects. For a long time I intended to build a wooden structure to serve as a garage, so I purchased the King Post 16’X20′ project to learn and understand how this type of construction works. based on the project, I ended up making some changes to fit my needs.
after a lot of work and dedication I managed to finish my project, I would like to present it to you, I hope you like it.

Project Images:

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3 thoughts on “Claudio Chapieski Pine and Oak Garage”

  1. It’s really beautiful!
    The type of pine you used reminds me of mahogany and looks elegant!
    Nice work, thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful!! I’d like to do the same but have side entry as a carport. Need to re-engineer it though to remove one center post !

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