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Timber Frame Joinery

Hammer Beam Eave Detail Views

Hammer Beam Eave Detail

A hammer beam truss creates a lot of drama in a timber frame, and also causes some complex joinery. In this hammer beam eave detail we will show you one solution to the issue of several frame elements coming together in close proximity to each other.

Notched Purlin Joined

Notched Purlin

Purlins help to form and strengthen the roof framing in a structure, and they support the roof decking or sheathing. They run horizontally, parallel with the ridge of the timber frame. There are three basic types of purlins: Purlin plate, principal purlin, and common purlin.

Cross Lap Joint Exploded Interior

Cross Lap Joint

Cross lap joints are a great solution when you want to create clean, continuous lines in a timber frame. The edges of the joint are completely flush, making it almost appear that the timbers are magically connected. To create a cross lap joint, you cut halfway through the width of both timbers that you are connecting , and they slide together into an extremely solid joint.

Jack Rafter to Hip

Jack Rafter To Hip

When you create a hip roof in a timber frame, there are different types of rafters used. The hip rafters (in purple) form the roofline and extend from the plate to the ridge. The jack rafters (in turquoise) connect

Eight Sided Gazebo Corner Plate

Everyone loves a gazebo! But anyone who has built a timber frame gazebo can tell you that the octagonal shape will cause you to create some complex joinery. Take a look at this eight sided corner plate detail sent to us by the team…

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