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King Post with Steel All Thread

king post with steel all thread
While non traditional, this king post with steel all thread uses metal and a stub tenon to tie everything together and allows faster cutting, fit up and assembly.  This has become more and more common as the number one way to handle this joinery situation.  It also minimizes the amount of wood that is taken out of the king post, making everything stronger.

4 thoughts on “King Post with Steel All Thread”

  1. Hi Brice

    Big Thank you for posting these amazing joinery details, makes understanding them a lot easier. I am working on a housing project and wanted some information and CAD Details for joining Timber frame with steel connectors. I wonder if you can send me any floor/wall/roof details please, will be much appreciated.


  2. Hi Brice–

    I’m curious why you did not use a tenon at the end of the ridge beam going into the king post? I was thinking a housed tenon with mortise about 1/2 way into the king post, pinned. Why not that instead of the structural screws? My rafter beams are coming into the king post below the ridge, so I don’t think there would be an issue with removal of too much material in that part of the king post.



  3. Adding a tenon is one way to go there for sure, think I will add that example to my list of to-dos. There is a lot going on at the top of the king post and so my go-to is simple and strong. I find the screws with housing the simplest way in this case. At some king post to rafter connections, a tenon is used. In those cases putting in a tenon would take too much wood out of the king post.

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