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22×24 King Post Pavilion

22x24 King Post Plan (03517) - Isometric-1
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You could shelter many kinds of activities in this 22x24 King Post pavilion! It’s a nice medium sized structure, but still small enough to fit into many settings. Think of anything you could imagine: a comfortable guest cottage, camping cabin or backyard gathering spot! The rafter and purlin roof system on this 22x24 king post plan  creates a nice rhythm in the ceiling that you could top with tongue-in-groove lumber for a charming look! The curved knee braces and graceful king post trusses on the three bays give this pavilion lots of character.

The dimensions  from outside to outside of the posts are  22’ x 24’ . Note that the 24’ depth runs parallel with the ridge, while it’s 22 feet actress the gable end. That gives you 528 square feet between the  posts, and this frame sports ample 2 foot overhangs. The 8:12 roof pitch creates plenty of ceiling height, putting the top of the ridge beam at +18’ 6”, and the top of the collar at +11’-7”. Made with heavy timbers, the posts are  8”x8”,  with 8”x10” ridge and chords, and 6”x8” webs and purlins.

You will receive an email from us  with the links to download the PDF plan sets as soon as you make your purchase.  The 10-page  construction set contains  the information you need to put this frame together. There are 3D drawings, showing the frame both disassembled and joined.  Then there are post and roof plans, section drawings and detail drawings showing the finer points.  The 12-page piece drawing set shows you every cut on each timber- and the pieces are keyed back to the 3D drawings so you know where every piece fits into the frame. Then we include timber and fastener lists to make your purchasing hassle-free.

For more information about this plan please visit its shop page at 22x24 King Post Plan.  This plan is included in our Plan Bundle.

22x24 King Post Plan (53088) Interactive 3D Model
22x24 King Post Plan (53088) - Plan Overview
22x24 King Post Plan (53088) - Piece Overview

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8 thoughts on “22×24 King Post Pavilion”

  1. We do supply kits with the joinery pre-cut. You can go here, click on the blue “Search Now” button, and input your zip code to get a price.

  2. Katrina Williams

    Graham, you can get the answer on our Kits Page. Click on the Blue Search Now button, input your zip code and find the plan in the drop-down box.

  3. Would it be possible to use oak 8x8s instead of the 8x10s for the principle rafters and chords? If it is possible, what woods do you think could do it best? And also, could the purlins be downsized to 6x6s for a building in the south. I am in Oklahoma and the snow load isn’t as bad as in the northeast. My main reason for asking if I can downsize the timbers is because I mill my own wood and I am trying to best use the logs that I have on hand right now. Thank you so much for your time!

  4. You can downsize the timbers but we would recommend getting your frame engineered. You do have some wind loads that need to be taken into account. Contact us for more info.

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