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The Goal Was Simple...

Create a layout square that increases your accuracy, decreases your time and makes the layout process more enjoyable.


After having a couple weeks to test the prototype, my crew was so happy with the square and confident that it sped up the layout process, that I  bought one for each guy in my shop.

Stephen Morrison, Moresun Woodworking, Inc.
            Justin Bush,                   Silver Creek Timber Frames       

Your layout square is awesome! It's decreased our layout time significantly, reduced errors, and made fit-up go a lot quicker.


201 Stainless Steel Plate with matte finish to prevent glare, rustproof and exceptionally durable with 1/16 inch scale on all dimensions.

A red anodized aluminum base for durability and weight, adding a heft to the square that helps keep the square in place and comfortable.

Dimensions in the graduation slots to aid in peg layout and offset those dimensions to the outside edge 1 ½ inches and 2 ½ inches.

Offset base to aid in reference edge layout with graduation slots every 1/2 inch with notches on edges to mark every 1/4 inch.

Pivot off one corner of the base to get the plumb, seat cut and the angles for compound joinery angles laid out, flip it over and get the opposite angles

Features factions to decimal and roof pitch to decimal conversion charts.

Framing square, try square, protractor and saw guide all rolled into one tool.

Easy to get angles for roof pitches with the square being 12 inches wide

Permanently marked laser etched markings with black gradations for easy reading.

This square is a high quality tool that rivals the quality of anything Lee Valley or Shinwa is putting out and it negates the need for multiple squares on timber projects.

Side-A1 (1)

Side A

Side-B1 (1)

Side B

The next big thing in timber frame layout tools is here... a layout square that will allow you to increase accuracy and decrease your layout time...

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