Geko Panel Puller


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The GEKO panel puller/tightener features all-steel and fully galvanized construction for weather resistance, ergonomic PVC handle with dual-action ratchet. The swiveling mounting plates, approx. 6 1/4″ x 2 1/4″ and a full 5/16″ thick, are made of galvanized steel. Each plate has an array of mounting holes in various diameters for utmost flexibility when attaching the panel tightener.

We’ve all been there: swinging a heavy commander over and over again, waiting for the tenon to seat all the way into the mortise. There’s no need to wear yourself out and beat up your timbers. And forget about moving the ladder back and forth to set up a come-along and all the required rigging.

Just screw on the GEKO and let the ratchet pull it in. Your joints will be tighter, your timbers cleaner, and your body less sore.

  • The perfect tool for the precise assembly of heavy timbers, solid wood panels, CLT panels, lamellar elements, SIPs (structural insulated panels), and more
  • The 360° rotary plates adapt to places that are difficult to access, such as roof slopes and corners.
  • Also, a clamp specially made for the GEKO can be purchased separately. The clamp will grab perforated straps (like the Simpson MTS or STHD) for pulling your posts or stair stringers tight. See page 2 of the technical sheet for more info and send us an email if interested.

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery. Contact us for expedited shipping.

Click here for technical data sheets

Photos courtesy of Rothoblaas.

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