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Makita 5007MG Magnesium 7-1/4 Inch Circular Saw Review

Makita 5007MG Magnesium 7-14 Inch Circular Saw Review

As we’ve said time and time again, the perfect circular saw can mean the world to a woodworker, professional, or timber framer. It’s a versatile power tool that makes your project much easier.  Let's take a look at a Makita circular saw.

Makita is one of the top power tool brands out there and manufactures some fantastic products. We decided to take a close look at the Makita 5007MG Magnesium 7-1/4 Inch Circular Saw to determine whether it lives up to the Makita name.

Makita Circular Saw Motor

This Makita magnesium circular saw has an inductive 15 amp motor which is standard for a circular saw.

This strong and powerful motor gives monumental cutting strength to the blade without any lagging or cutting itself off.

Makita Circular Saw Blade

The blade for this circular saw is 7-1/4 inches, a decent size for a circular saw. It’s not the biggest we’ve seen but it’s not the smallest we’ve seen, either, so it’s a good balance.

With the power from the motor, the blade can spin at 5,800 rpm which is a big deal for a circular saw.


This saw features an M-shaped blade and tooth design that creates a two-pointed tip. The tip is dipped in tungsten carbide which makes it heavy-duty and able to cut through any material you need while maintaining a smooth edge.

The cutting capacity of the blade is 2-1/2 inches at 90 degrees. It has a bevel capacity of up to 56 degrees with positive stops that can be locked at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees. Timber framers will want more depth of cut, though this often warrants purchasing additional saws.

This is better than most circular saws but not the biggest we’ve seen. Still, we’re impressed with the bevel range and ability.

It also has an electric brake system. The brake system stops the blade within seconds of releasing the trigger to prevent any accidents.

Comfort and Grip

The grip on the circular saw is rubberized and ergonomic. The rubberized handle is really comfortable so your hand doesn’t start to hurt after a few minutes of using it.

The rubberized handle also ensures stability and safety while you’re working on your project.

Other Features

Other Features

Most of the circular saw is made with magnesium. This lightweight metal keeps the saw very lightweight at only 10 pounds. This is super low for any powered saw.

Because it is so light, it’s easy to maneuver while you’re working. Plus, it’s easy to travel from one work area to another. It’s not going to kill you to lug it around when you need it. 

The dimensions of the circular saw are 20.9 inches by 17.9 inches by 13.9 inches.

The housing to the motor is made of chrome to protect you from harm but also to protect the blade from excessive damage.

It uses a dust blower (not to be confused with dust extraction) that blows dust away from the area that you’re cutting. This gives you constant visibility for better accuracy for your cuts.

This saw uses twin LED lights for superb accuracy. With these two lights, you can easily see the path of your cut as well as the measurements labeled on the side of the circular saw.

the circular saw

Included with this circular saw is a hex wrench, rip fence, and a carrying case.

It’s also covered by a one-year warranty in case of any manufacturer defects.


  • The rubberized grip and ergonomic design are comfortable and easy to use. Your body will thank you later, trust us.
  • We appreciate the lightweight metal used to make this circular saw. It’s perfectly balanced and sturdy as well as one of the lightest we’ve used. Plus, it’s easy to move about while working.
  • The power of the motor is decent and the speed is crazy (in a good way). It doesn’t stall, even when cutting tougher material.
  • It was able to cut through every thick material we tried, including different types of metal. Part of the impressive performance of the saw is due to the bevel capacity of 56 degrees.
  • An electric brake system is always a welcome safety measure. It stops within just a few seconds of letting up on the trigger.
  • The twin LED lights come in handy, especially in darker shops or when the sun starts to go down. It is a helpful feature that you don’t see on most circular saws.
  • The measurements on the base of the circular saw are large enough to read without squinting.
  • The carrying case that comes with the saw is heavy-duty and protects the saw from any drops.


  • Carbide tipped blades tend to wear out faster so you will have to replace the blade in a few years.
  • It doesn’t have the type of dust extraction that most modern saws have so there is a bit of a mess to clean up after you’re done using it.
  • For the price, we feel the saw blade could be a bit bigger.


This circular saw from Makita is great for anyone wanting a quality saw. The lightweight material makes moving it around easier on you and your body. For the timber framer, you may find it worth the extra money to bump up to the 8-1/4" saw that offers and additional 1/2 inch of cutting depth.

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