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WASP – Lifting Anchor


Wasp Anchor for raising and lifting timbers, and CLT panels, SIP panels and any other prefabricated elements you can think of. Used in conjunction with the VGS Fully Threaded Screws.

  • The built-in jaws hold down the screw head in the wall.
  • It can be used for axial and transversal loads.
  • Made of very high strength bright zinc plated carbon steel.
  • Various installation options with more types of screws for load conditions and different materials.  Contact us if you need help with your load requirements.

Please Note: These are sold as a pair, one in the cart gets you two lifting points.

Click here for technical data sheets.

Please allow 1 to two weeks for delivery. Contact us for expedited shipping.

Photos and Information courtesy of Rothoblaas.

Wasp PLT Lifting Anchor Information
Wasp NLT Lifting Anchor Information
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