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How To Use Our Timber Frame Layout Square

Check out this video to learn the ins and outs of using our Layout Square.  Find out how to use it to layout a mortise and tenon, peg layout, plumb and seat cuts for rafters and much more.

9 thoughts on “How To Use Our Timber Frame Layout Square”

  1. William Hawley

    Matthew, thank you for the note, and sorry to hear as I thought this a great tool, new to timber framing and the site is awesome. If you know of someone with one and they want to get rid of it let me know. Bill H

  2. Brandon Baudoin

    A Brilliant Tool. Another Great Innovation by American Ingenuity gone. So necessary in this time of need. American returning to their roots gardening, fishing and carpentry. I for one missed a chance of a lifetime in to buy one. Soon I hope a new order of them will be available. Sincerely, Brandon,

    1. I have one for sale. I’ve used it a few times. My timberframe plans have changed. I hope HQ doesn’t mind me posting this?

        1. Katrina Williams

          We are currently out of the Layout Squares. We have no plans to restock them in the near future. The Big Al square is still available through Jim Rogers. You can reach out to him at [email protected].

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