Sill Plate to Post Joinery

timbered post to sill plate

Using a traditional timber framed floor system which includes a sill plate and joists is becoming rare.  However, it is still a great way to create the floor system, depending on your project needs.  In this detail a stub tenon is used on the post to serve as a locator tenon and a Simpson ST-8 Strap is used to join the post to the sill plate.  At the corner joint a simple mortise and tenon is employed to hold everything together with 1 one inch peg.  The joists are connected into the sill plate with  1 1/4″ housings and secured with  structural screws.

The most painful thing about cutting all this joinery is it will be covered up and you will never see it again after you install your flooring.

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post to timbered sill plate

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6 thoughts on “Sill Plate to Post Joinery”

  1. Excellent info. Thanks. But how would you fasten, in my case, the sills to 6 concrete piers? One on each corner and two in the middle. It’s just a wood shed.

  2. You can use a simpson strap embedded into the foundation, or a traditional anchor bolt with an access mortise to tighten the nut down. Will try and get some details up.

  3. Michael Ortelli

    Thanks. Looking forward to any more information. I assume by anchor bolt you mean cast in place I was hoping on just screwing in an expansion bolt or two through the sill into the concrete pier so as to avoid finicky work associated with lining up the cast anchor with holes in the sill. Would like to avoid the strap only because it doesn’t look so good.

  4. That is what I was referring too but your way works well too. Lots of way to do it, no one right way here. Heck, they used to just sit them on stacked stones with no anchors, not that I would do that…good luck with your project.

  5. if only one of the sill pieces is being supported by a concrete wall and the other is spanning between walls, would you span with the purple one or the green one?

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