Tension Scarf Joint

Pegged Bladed Scarf Joint

This bladed scarf joint uses pegs to secure the two timbers together. Commonly utilized for either a sill plate or roof plate, if you add some all-thread steel rods or structural screws, it could be used in areas with light sustained tension. This joint is a half-lap joint with the addition of the tongues or […]

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Heavy Duty Plunge Router Review

Of all the tools in your arsenal, the heavy duty plunge router probably is the most versatile. There are few jobs that you cannot accomplish with a good router and every workshop, job site and every timber framer should have at own least one. If you aren’t overly familiar with routers, there are basically two […]

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what is the best timber frame chisel

What is the Best Timber Framing Chisel?

Timber framing and shipbuilding are crafts that enjoy centuries of rich history, and one common thread has been a good chisels.  The precision work accomplished by the craftsmen in these trades passes the test of time.  It seems only fitting that today’s woodworking artisans should have tools that reflect their traditions.  A quality timber framing […]

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