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pistol grip drill for timber framing small

Best Pistol Grip Drills for Timber Framing

Just about every homeowner and timber framer has pistol grip drills. They are about as standard as hooks are for anglers. But distinguishing the good from the not-so-good or a great heavy duty drill may not be a straightforward as hook line and sinker. What distinguishes a terrific drill for DIY projects and timber framers comes down […]

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What Is the Best Heavy Duty Drill For Timber Framing

Best Heavy Duty Drill For Timber Framing

In many ways, these heavy duty drills are a dual purpose tool. Professionals that use these tools need to get two basic functions out of them, mixing and boring big holes. Accomplishing both of those jobs requires speed, torque, handle versatility and durability. Depending on trade and work needs, your choice may be based on a tool’s […]

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Makita KP312

Makita KP312 12.25 Inch Handheld Planer Review

Makita KP312As manufacturers go, Makita tends to have the inside track on what professional timber framers want from their tools. This Makita KP312  hand-held planer stays true to that promise. It sports a powerful 15-AMP motor able to generate 12,000 RPM and the V-belt design makes the power transfer from motor to blades tremendously efficient. […]

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Festool Planer6

Festool HL 850 E Power Planer Review

Festool has earned a steadfast reputation for precision, German-engineered woodworking tools. The brand name is nearing the century mark and the  Festool HL 850 E Power Planer  only adds to its innovative excellence. The Festool HL 850 features a single cutting knife, spiral-head design. The tool leads by example with its stylized and interchangeable head […]

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Heavy Duty Plunge Router Review

Of all the tools in your arsenal, the heavy duty plunge router probably is the most versatile. There are few jobs that you cannot accomplish with a good router and every workshop, job site and every timber framer should have at own least one. If you aren’t overly familiar with routers, there are basically two […]

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4x24 sander review

Tool Review: 4×24 Heavy Duty Belt Sander

There are a lot of terrific heavy duty belt sanders on the market. The differences between models may seem small in many cases, but they can really affect performance. Those subtle differences make a heavy duty belt sander good for either do-it-yourselfers or timber frame professionals. But at the end of the day, the best tool […]

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Makit 16 inch saw

Makita Beam Saw 5402NA Review

This monster Makita beam saw produces 2,200 RPM and enough torque to slice through timbers and  lumber, green or dry. Hitting cutting depths of 6 ¼ inches at 90 degrees and 4 3/16 at 45 degrees, it can be put to use on big timbers. Just stop and think about the depth capacity. You can […]

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Makita Chain Mortiser

Makita Chain Mortiser Review

Used for thousands of years by woodworkers around the world, the mortise and tenon joint is both simple and strong, and a critical link in building a timber frame. You could do it the old fashioned way with a drill and chisel or a boring machine, but it would be more time consuming. However, an innovative […]

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