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Scarf Joint

Stop bladed scarf joint

Stop Bladed Scarf Joint

If you need to span a distance greater than your lumber dimensions, scarf joints are the way to go. Another variation on the scarf joint, this stop bladed scarf joint is a half-lap joint with the addition of the stops, also called tongues or blades.

Half Lap with table scarf joint

Half Lap With Table Scarf Joint

Like all other scarf joints, this half lap with table scarf joint gives you the ability to create spans longer than the length of your lumber. Similar to other half lap joints, this one consists of each timber being split longitudinally,

Half and Bridled Scarf Joint Exploded and Joined

Half and Bridled Scarf Joint

When you need a beam longer than the sizes of your lumber, a scarf joint is the way to go. In this attractive half and bridled scarf joint, each beam is split longitudinally and connects to its partner with a mortise on one end and a tenon on the opposite end.

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