Pegged Bladed Scarf Joint

bladed scarf joint

This bladed scarf joint uses pegs to secure the two timbers together. Commonly utilized for either a sill plate or roof plate, if you add some all-thread steel rods or structural screws, it could be used in areas with light sustained tension.This joint is a half-lap joint with the addition of the tongues or blades. You can use a chain mortiser to cut out for the blades making this a relatively straightforward process of cutting it.

bladed scarf joint

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8 thoughts on “Pegged Bladed Scarf Joint”

  1. We use this a lot Brice, We taper the tenon a 1/8″ to ease fit up and installation.

  2. Jim@TheTradesmanChannel 2017

    Does this scarf perform well when used for a top plate that has a decent amount of rafter thrust?

  3. It will however, in conjunction with the pegs I would use some fully threaded structural screws or all thread to resist any rolling in the joint.

  4. This page really helped me out. Appreciate all the details and the use of a model. Great job!

  5. I used this joint recently on the top beam of a long wall. (I used 8 pegs, though, not 4) It was so strong that I could lift one end of the beam (28 ft) and there was no visible flex at all at the joint.

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