Stop Splayed Scarf Joint

Stop Splayed Scarf Joint X-Ray

A stop splayed  scarf joint is used to create longer timbers for use in plates, beams, rafters and posts when you cannot find a long enough timber to span the distance you require.
The stop splayed scarf that is displayed here is extremely common and can be fastened together with pegs, all-thread with nuts and washers or structural screws such as the GRK or ASSY.  The joint shown is located over a post but it can easily be under a knee brace, which many engineers actually prefer, or left unsupported from below in some cases.

Scarf Joint Featured3 foot Scarf Joint

2 thoughts on “Stop Splayed Scarf Joint”

  1. Robert Howard

    Hi Brice,
    Thanks for this graphic. I’m new to timberframing and wonder if you’d even use this scarf joint in a tie beam?

    1. Robert,
      Tie beams are in tension holding for example a roof from spreading apart. While I have see a type of scarf joint designed to be in tension I would not recommend it as a general rule. The joint I am talking about had a bunch of steel in it as well. Not saying it cannot be done but it would depend on the loads it is under.

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