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Stop Splayed Scarf Joint

Stop Splayed Scarf Joint X-Ray

A stop splayed  scarf joint is used to create longer timbers for use in plates, beams, rafters and posts when you cannot find a long enough timber to span the distance you require.The stop splayed scarf that is displayed here is extremely common and can be fastened together with pegs, all-thread with nuts and washers or structural screws such as the GRK or ASSY.  The joint shown is located over a post but it can easily be under a knee brace, which many engineers actually prefer, or left unsupported from below in some cases.

Scarf Joint Featured3 foot Scarf Joint

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4 thoughts on “Stop Splayed Scarf Joint”

  1. Robert Howard

    Hi Brice,
    Thanks for this graphic. I’m new to timberframing and wonder if you’d even use this scarf joint in a tie beam?

  2. Robert,
    Tie beams are in tension holding for example a roof from spreading apart. While I have see a type of scarf joint designed to be in tension I would not recommend it as a general rule. The joint I am talking about had a bunch of steel in it as well. Not saying it cannot be done but it would depend on the loads it is under.

  3. Hello, I have an old stone house, built into a bank.. the floors are supported by large 10×12 timbers that span roughly 22ft and sit in the stone pockets.. there are no support postw. The issue I have is that beam ends have rotted out of the pocket on the side built into the bank. My plan was to scarf a new end on the beams and reseat in the pocket.. what sort of joint could support that, as adding a post is really not doable.

  4. Katrina Williams

    Without seeing this there’s nothing we can recommend. You need to replace the entire beam and have it looked at by an Engineer. You could scab on material to the existing beam and bolt the two together and then remove the rotted pieces but no joint is going to connect that and maintain its structural integrity.

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