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1″ Timber Frame Pegs


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Only $1.98 per peg!

Each box contains 48 pegs.

While nails hold a typical house together, a peg will hold your timber frame together. It is vital that they are made from the very best material available. Our 1″ timber frame pegs are made from white oak, making them look good for the life of your frame.

Our pegs are economical at under $2 per peg. You can’t make them any cheaper!

  • Length: 10"
  • Dried, straight-grained White Oak
  • Strong and rot-resistant
  • Waxed and chamfered
  • NO lead time! Ready to ship out to you today
  • Custom lengths, diameters, and species are available. Email us at support@timberframehq.com for your custom order.

Works perfectly with the 1" Wood Owl drill bits!

The White Oak in our timber frame pegs has been fully dried and turned to the perfect dimensions for use with Wood Owl bits (or any 1" drill) and, most importantly, waxed to remain dimensionally stable and easy to drive. With a chamfer on each end, you can leave the pegs proud of your frame for a decorative look.



White Oak

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Tetrault

1″ Timber Frame Pegs

andrew schluntz
Pegs and Bit

Pegs look very nice! It was delivered without the auger bit so I am hoping I'll get that in a later package and it was not lost during shipping.

Amanda Shackelford

1″ Timber Frame Pegs

Marty Hammerstrom
Timber pegs

Buying pegs from here was like waking up thinking your late for work and finding out it’s Saturday. Best feeling ever!

Jeff Enochs
1” Oak Pegs

Can’t beat the price, not worth the hassle in trying to make my own. Recommended, clean, smooth and ends beveled

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