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Column Drill Guide


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When you use the COLUMN drill guide for timber framing, drilling straight holes with an 18" auger bit is no longer a pain. This is a perfect tool upgrade for the enterprising hobbyist or the full-time professional timber framer. The drilling rig will guide your auger bits with complete accuracy and no play in its construction. Furthermore, it is compatible with all of the Wood Owl bits in our store.

You will not find a drilling station that offers this level of performance for this price. The drill guide includes:

  • Compact and robust aluminum construction
  • Easy movement of the guide bridge thanks to stainless steel columns
  • Reliable return by two stainless steel springs
  • Additional guidance from the adjustable drill bushing plate.
  • Highest torsional stiffness due to the stabilizer at the top of the columns
  • Compatible with all 1/2" drills with a standard 43mm collar. 
  • Variable depth adjustment

The COLUMN drill guide does come with clamps and they are perfect for using on smaller timbers like rafters. Instead, for all the other timbers in your build, the best method to hold down the drill guide is with your feet! Just stand on the sides of the plate and let the auger do the hard work. At this point, once the auger screw is embedded, the tool will know exactly what to do and give you the hole you want.

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

Photos courtesy of Rothoblaas and FAMAG.

Opening Size

24" (600mm), 32" (800mm)

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