How to Find a Timber Frame Engineer

Why do you need a timber frame engineer?  Homeowners need the help of professionals when it comes to the design and planning of a timber frame house.  Before construction is even started, homeowners usually already have an idea of what they want the finished product to look like.  After all, we all grew up having ideas of what our “dream house” is, and even though some details may have changed over the years, it’s still true that we already have grand visions in our heads.Rocky gap timber frame - Timber Frame Engineer

The problem with this“grand vision” is that it has to be corroborated by the professionals – folks who are familiar with the architecture and engineering of timber frame construction and the joints and joinery.  It’s true that our homes should look beautiful, like the ones we’ve always dreamed of.  But even more important than looking beautiful is being sturdy and safe.  Homes are supposed to provide shelter to our families after all, and we don’t want them crashing on our heads because someone forgot to check the structural viability of it.  This is the precise reason why structural timber frame engineers are needed in building timber frame houses.  The question is:  where do we find these engineers?

Structural engineers are usually involved in the construction process specifying the details, and your contractor or timber frame company will usually know a timber frame engineer to check the viability of the structure.  Timber frame engineers are pretty easy to find.   3d Diminished Housing DetailYou can look at your local listings and look for a structural engineer that is licensed in your state, or even go online to look for a structural engineer through the internet.  You’ll be surprised at how complete internet listings of certified engineers can be.

The bottom line is that it’s not really hard to look for a timber frame engineer to help you with your timber frame house kit and plans.  It is advisable,though, to keep it within the team and go for someone who knows your architect or contractor well and who has been there from the beginning.  Timber frame construction, more than anything, is a collaborative process.  It’s important to get all the pieces of the puzzle together to ensure a successful project.

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