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The Value of an Architect or Designer to Your Project

Your home should be a reflection of you and your family. If you’re considering a timber frame home as an expression of your style, taste and lifestyle, an architect’s design that’s based on your input will certainly make your home the dream house you’ve always wanted. The value of an architect or designer to your project is their ability to carve your dreams into aspects of your timber frame home and keep you within your budget.

Why You Need An Architect or Designer?

The Value of an Architect or Designer to Your ProjectEven if you are considering using stock plans for your timber frame home, an architect’s input may be valuable. You may want to make alterations to the stock plans, and an architect will be able to safely make structural modifications. Moving walls willy-nilly is never a good idea, and if you move the wrong one, you may lose structural integrity.

The architect can suggest the optimum location and placement of your home on your building site to maximize the view and make the most of the sun’s passive energy. Your designer can also advise you on other potential drawbacks or situations on your property and make recommendations to solve any problems.

An architect wears many hats, and you can have them don as many or as few as you need. When you are considering what may be the largest single investment of your life, an architect is a good insurance policy to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes that could cost you much more than you can afford.

Find a Designer Who Is Willing To Listen To You

We all have sketched ideas about what we’d like in the perfect home of our dreams. However, putting those vague ideas into a concrete design is beyond most folks’ skill level. Finding and using an architect or designer that’s familiar with timber frame home design and willing to incorporate your ideas is important to ensure that your home reflects your taste and what’s important in your lifestyle.

You may have to interview a number of architects or designers before finding one who’s in sync with you. If he understands what you want and is able to expand and improve on your ideas, you may have found your design partner.

Some architects are intent on foisting their visions on you and don’t have room for any ideas other than their own. Those professionals, regardless of their talent and reputation, are not for you. Just keep looking until you find someone who is interested in what you want.

What Does Your Architect or Designer Need To Know?

Discussing your goals, asking and answering questions, and suggesting alternatives is a big part of the architect’s job of assisting you in bringing your dream home to life. An architect who is familiar with timber frame construction is best suited to help you match your budget to your house requirements. He or she will be able to provide you with alternatives that fill both your budget and desires if a compromise is required.

You’ll need to come up with a list of what you want and need in your future home. The style, size and amenities will help in setting up a budget. How many bedrooms and baths do you need? Do you want a formal dining room? Are your bedrooms sanctuaries, or are they merely rooms for sleeping? Do you want an attached garage? What are the dimensions of your rooms? Do you intend on retiring in this house? If this will be your retirement home, would you prefer a single-level house? Is it possible that you will have a need for a mother-in-law suite in the future?

Your architect or designer will communicate and coordinate with the timber frame fabricators to ensure that his plans integrate with the timber frame systems. This melding of design ideas and plans is a collaboration of your architect and the timber frame building company. It’s essential for a successful project, and both teams need to be in accordance.

Some timber frame building companies have either a list of local architects that are familiar with this type of construction, or they may have an architect on staff. Working with a designer who is familiar with the fabricating and building team is efficient and may save time and money.

Many people see big dollar signs when they hear the phrase “consult with an architect.” Don’t get caught in that knee-jerk response. The money that you pay for an architects’ service can be money well spent, and if you decide to customize your timber frame house plans, adding any designer services should be considered early on in your budgeting. Chances are, you’ll end up with more of the things you feel are important in your house, and your home will be safe, comfortable and reflect your family’s style.

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