Episode 3 – A 30 Minute Discussion About Timber Frame Engineering with a Master of the Craft


I’m excited to be joined by David Hourdequin of D Remy and Co. , an engineering firm in the mountains of North Carolina. I’ve been working with David for a number of years on several timber frame projects and I thought it he Timber Frame Engineeringwould be a good candidate to be on the show to discuss timber frame engineering.

In the interview we are going to talk about the value a timber frame engineer brings to your project, the process to get a set of plans stamped and engineered, what the differences between the structural engineer and a timber frame engineer and we will follow all that up with a special message from David.

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A little about the guest:

Originally posted on his site at dremy.com

David Hourdequin, the President and Owner, received his Bachelor of Civil Engineering Degree from the University of Florida in 1964 after studying pre-engineering at Florida State University. He earned a Master’s Degree in Engineer Management at the University of South Florida in 1992 while working full time as an owner and manager of a commercial construction company. 

During his career, Mr. Hourdequin has been engaged as a structural sub-contractor, general contractor, construction manager, development manager, and structural engineer. Earlier in his career, he served as Director of Engineering for the Holiday Inn hotel system and Director of Engineering and Construction for the Hampton Inn hotel system. Mr. Hourdequin has also served on the Advisory Council to the School of Construction Management at Western Carolina University.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 3 – A 30 Minute Discussion About Timber Frame Engineering with a Master of the Craft”

  1. Great interview, David’s insight into the selection process is fantastic. A good team, all working toward a common goal will design and build a far better product, and save time and money as well. Thanks David and Brice

  2. Thanks, Stephen! I completely agree that everyone in a construction project needs to be working towards a common goal. Thanks for your comment.

  3. WoW! David is a fountain of knowledge… Good to know there are structural engineers specializing in timbers available to us which are so passionately committed to their work. Thanks for sharing.

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