Adding Charm to a Timber Frame House Kit

Timber frame houses have grown in popularity because they provide homeowners with a different “look” for houses.  We are so used to seeing the typical conventionally framed houses that are built 99% of the time.  Arguably, timber frame houses are already charming in themselves;  however, there are certain ways to add even more charm to them.

They say that in building houses, the beauty is always in the details.  When we add these little finishing touches to homes, people don’t really notice them individually at first.  However, upon looking at the big picture, somehow these details come together cohesively as a whole.  The small details that people painstakingly add to their houses are the details that make these houses special and unique.  There are ways to do that in timber frame houses as well, and these are just some of them:Adding Charm to Your Timber Frame House Kit

  • Utilizing more hammer beams trusses
  • Additional millwork to accentuate the timbers
  • Incorporation arch and beam post trusses
  • Unique and customized design for trusses
  • Matching the timber frame material with the furniture and the floorboards
  • Branching out to other materials when it comes to trusses
  • Irregular edges and exposed timbers
  • Incorporating timber frame extensions in other parts of the property (not just the house)
  • Timber frame garages, porches, pavilions and pergola kits as outdoor entertaining areas
  • Adding brackets and braces made out of timber frame
  • Lumber finishing and paint

Truly, the design possibilities are endless when it comes to timber frames.  The important thing,  though,  is to consult on the possibilities with an architect or your contractor’s in-house design team.  Homeowners might get a little too excited when it comes to adding charming fixtures to their house, to the point that they might neglect the structural implications of these additions.  It’s still best to brainstorm with the contractor and the in-house design team on what options you have in mind for adding a little more detail to your home.  Contractors usually come with pretty gifted and talented designers, so this wouldn’t be a problem.  In fact, they’re the best ones to ask because they know what works best for homes and they know how to bring these added fixtures to completion.

Everybody has a dream house in mind, and it is usually a unique one that’s splattered with hints of the homeowners’ unique personalities and sensibilities.  It’s relatively easy to place these details in timber frame houses, because timber framing provides a lot more room for flexibility.  However, as mentioned, the contractors and the design team should be consulted before making any decisions.  Just make sure you communicate what you see your house as, and your contractor will do everything in his power to ensure that you get the home of your dreams.

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