14×14 Pavilion

14x14 Hipped Roof Pavilion (50552) Full Color Rendering

Our 14x14 Pavilion is the epitome of outdoor sophistication and practicality. It offers a spacious yet intimate setting for a variety of outdoor activities. Whether you're hosting a family gathering, enjoying a quiet evening, or seeking a peaceful retreat in your backyard, this pavilion provides the ideal space.

Crafted from the finest materials, our pavilion boasts a sturdy and durable structure, ensuring it stands strong against the elements while maintaining its timeless beauty. The open design invites natural light and a gentle breeze, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and socializing. The roof provides ample shade, making it a comfortable spot even on sunny days.

Easy to assemble and maintain, our 14x14 Pavilion is a long-lasting investment in your outdoor living experience. Plus, we can create a kit for this plan, making it even more accessible for DIY enthusiasts. It’s the perfect blend of style, quality, and functionality, designed to enrich your outdoor lifestyle.

Plan Options:

  1. Purchase Plan - Our plans provides detailed, easy-to-follow digital blueprints, perfect for DIY enthusiasts aiming to build their own timber frame structure.
  2. Modify This Plan -  Like this plan but need it change it a little, what about engineered?  Don't worry we got your back when it comes any and all details.
  3. Get a quote for a Ready-To-Raise Timber Frame Kit - Like this plan?  Use our online calculator to get a quote for a complete kit.  Need it modified a little, we can do that too.

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14’ wide by 14’ long outside of post to outside of post.

2’ overhangs on all four sides.

Height to Peak of Roof 14’-5 ⅜” with 8:12 Roof Pitch

Height to Top of Plate 9’-4”

14x14 Pavilion
14x14 Hipped Roof Pavilion Plan (50552) Interactive 3D Model

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We understand that every outdoor space is unique, so we offer extensive customization options for our plans. Choose from various sizes, roof styles, and finishes to match your style and landscape. Our design team is dedicated to helping you create the perfect pavilion that reflects your vision.

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  • Phone: Speak directly with our friendly experts by calling 888-552-9379. We're available 9-5, M-F to answer your questions and provide personalized advice.
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What's Included

Design and Engineering

We are proud to have a team of highly skilled and experienced timber frame designers, each equipped with the finest tools and a deep understanding of the craft. Their expertise is not just in design but in knowing precisely how materials come together to bring your dream to life. It's this level of experience that's essential in creating the perfect timber frame structure for you.

We believe in providing only the best for your project. Our engineering team specializes in timber frame structures, and many hold doctorates in their field. They share the same passion for timber framing as you do. Collaborating closely with our engineers, we tailor the design of your frame specifically for your location. We ensure you have all the necessary documents to obtain your permits, including providing engineered reaction diagrams throughout the process. This commitment helps keep your construction on track and aligned with your schedule.

Timbers, Joinery and Connections

After we've collaboratively chosen the ideal wood type for your project, we proceed to source the highest quality timber through our network of trusted mills. Ensuring that every piece meets our exacting standards, we then transport the timber to one of our cutting facilities. There, the joinery is meticulously crafted using CNC machines. Every joint, drilling, mortise, and tenon is cut with precision, adhering to tight tolerances for impeccable quality and fit.

Following the cutting process, all timbers are systematically labeled according to the production numbers assigned during the creation of your model and plans. This meticulous process ensures that every component of your timber frame is prepared with the utmost attention to detail, ready for the next phase of your project.

Shipping and Delivery

We meticulously package and securely transport your timber frame and all necessary hardware directly to your location. In sync with you, we'll coordinate the delivery schedule, ensuring that we agree on an approximate time on the designated date. To facilitate a smooth and safe unloading process, it's important to have equipment on hand capable of lifting up to 5,000 lbs. Once everything is delivered and in place, the exciting phase of bringing your project to life begins.

Project Support

At Timber Frame HQ, we embrace the philosophy of 'One Person, One Project.' This approach ensures that each client is paired with a dedicated Project Manager who will be your point of contact throughout the entire project. We believe in offering personalized, consistent support to make your journey with us as smooth and fulfilling as possible.

Our commitment extends beyond just providing exceptional timber frames. As your construction resource, we'll be by your side for the duration of your project, ready to offer expert advice, support, and answers to all your queries. Our goal is to make the process of raising your timber frame not just successful, but also a deeply rewarding experience.

We invite you to visit our '
About Us' page to learn more about our values, our team, and how we can bring your timber framing vision to life with a touch of personal care and professional excellence.

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