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Upper King Post Joinery Detail

Upper King Post Joinery Detail

A classic joint for a king post to rafter connection uses a 1 1/2″diminished housing, and because it is designed for oak it uses a  1 1/2″ tenon.  This upper king post joinery is a classic and robust connection. As always, make sure you check with a qualified engineer before you begin cutting joinery on your frame.

Top of King Post Detail

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4 thoughts on “Upper King Post Joinery Detail”

  1. hi – im studing building at the moment and i noticed none of my teachers knew the origins of “dragon tie” bracing names – i found an old document from the book “DRAGON hetmi [in ArchitecBurc}etymology of dragon peices}

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  2. I see the pegs for the rafters in the King Post but not the Pegs for the ridge beam. How is the ridge beam pegged in this joint?

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