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Stop Splayed Tabled Scarf

Explodes Timber Frame Scarf JointSometimes in timber framing it is necessary to join two timbers end to end.
This joint is called a scarf joint.
One of the most popular scarf joints is the stop splayed table scarf with wedges and under squinted butts.

My drawing program is meant to be used to drive a CNC machine to cut joints; therefore it can’t or won’t draw a joint that the machine can’t cut. So I can’t draw the under squinted butts properly.

However, I have added to the drawing to show this detail. And there are two pictures of the joint added to the drawing. One is a picture of one half of the joint and one is a picture of the joint in place in a 56′ long plate.

This joint if cut correctly is strong and will pull two timbers together and hold them there.

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