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Hipped Pavilion Joinery Detail

Hipped Pavilion Joinery Detail

We show some intricate work with this hipped pavilion joinery detail. Three roof planes coming together make for some complex cutting, and this type of roof shape is best for timber framers with some experience. You can see this detail utilized in our 16×24 Hipped Roof Pavilion.

Hexagonal Gazebo Plan with models

Hexagonal Pergola Plan

This hexagonal timber frame gazebo plan was originally designed as a barbeque gathering area holding a smoker. It would be a great enhancement to any garden! The posts are cut from 12×12 timbers to fit the hexagonal shape. This frame has a commanding presence with an overall height of a bit over 16’-5”. The top of the 4×8 collar beams are 10 feet high, and the roof pitch is a bit over 8 in 12. It is designed to be constructed of Western Red Cedar, maple or hemlock.

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