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16×20 Post and Beam Cabin with Porch

post and beam cabin with porch

This 16×20 post and beam cabin has an additional 8′ deep porch, for a total of 480 square feet.
One door is a large 6′ wide door on the gable end. The second door is on the side eave wall
for people to access the porch. The main roof pitch is 12/12.
The plan set shows all the timbers you’ll need to use if you wish to use 2″ planks for the first
floor deck and roof.
The plan set is set up to be printed on 8 1/2″ x 11″ standard letter size paper, non bound. You can
copy a page to take out to your workshop and use to make notes, keeping the original for future
reference. The set has all the information you need to  lay out and cut the joints necessary to construct this cabin.
Where each timber is shown on a page, it is shown with all four sides and both ends so that you
can see all the locations of all the joints and housings. All necessary dimensions have been
shown for each joint.

  • The plan set includes a stock list of the actual sizes of each timber and the number of
    timbers of that size.
  • It also includes a list for ordering your timbers, in standard stock sizes, from the mill or
    lumber yards.
  • These timbers are 8×8’s and rafters are 4×7. The girts are 4×4 and the floor joists are 4×6.
  • There are bent views with dimensions.
  • There are wall views with dimensions.
  • There are 3d views of the frame to help with visualization.
timber frame cabin detail

There are many drawings such as, roof plan, brace detail, collar beam detail, eave detail, floor
joist detail, post tenon detail, ridge detail, and tie beam tenon detail.
There are single stick drawings for each long sill, each cross sill, the tying joist, and a regular
floor joist.
There are single stick drawings for each post in each bent, and each tie beam in each bent, one
for the long brace, and one for the short brace, each plate, one for the rafters with the tongue
tenon, one for the rafters with the fork pocket, and one for the collar beam. One page has all the
long girts and the short girts as well as the small door header timber. One page has the gable end
door posts, the side wall door post, the porch wall, and the porch rafter which makes it a
complete set for every timber in the frame.
This frame is customizable to your own needs. You can make the door narrower if you choose
by moving the mortises in the tie beam and sill. You can make the large gable end doors hinged
and not an external slider if you wish. You could add more doors if you want.
You could make the frame taller by making the post longer. And you can enclose it with vertical
siding or horizontal siding if you add blocking.
You should purchase this plan set to help you construct a timber frame cabin.
Imagine how great it will be to have your own timber frame cabin. See yourself showing off your
skills by learning how to cut timber framing joints.

 Please Note: As these plans were designed by Jim Rogers and not Timber Frame HQ, they are NOT included in the Plan Bundle. They are only available for individual purchase.

Buy This Plan For $259

16x20 cabin with porch plan overview

The 49-page plan set is formatted for instant download, in 8 1/2″ x 11″ size for easy production from your home printer.

Important Information:

Timber Frame HQ provides plans for construction purposes but does not oversee the construction. The plan purchaser is responsible for assuring the plan meets local codes and regulations. It is the responsibility of the plan purchaser to obtain any and all structural analysis, engineering and specifications that may be required in the municipality in which it is to be built. Plan purchaser is to verify all lot conditions and measurements before construction. Purchaser is responsible for additional expenses incurred in order to meet local code and engineering requirements.

Customer understands that the following conditions in your specific area may require additional engineering:

  1. Wind / hurricane / tornado
  2. Seismic / earthquake
  3. Heavy snow
  4. Flood potential
  5. Soil instability
  6. Timber Frame Engineering

Customer understands that HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical will not be included in all plans.

When you purchase a set of plans, you are purchasing a limited copyright license for a design giving you the right to build that structure one time at your location. Your copyright license was granted when you paid the purchase fee. You do not have the right to build the design a second time unless you have a signed agreement with Timber Frame HQ. Please note that copyright law protects “derivative works” the same as it protects the original design. That means that making some changes doesn’t make it a new design. We do not allow modifications of our designs by others, without permission. Your copyright license does not allow another professional to represent our design work as their own.

Timber Frame HQ retains all common law, statutory and other reserved rights, including the copyright. This applies even when you have participated in the development of the design to a significant degree.

19 thoughts on “16×20 Post and Beam Cabin with Porch”

  1. Could this plan be lengthened to 24 feet without too many engineering changes? If it can be done this would be just what I’m looking for in a shop. The covered porch would be great for carving and lounging during nice weather.

  2. I can’t say yes or no without knowing a lot of things, like snow load for your area, and the type of wood you intend to use. These are just two things we need to consider.
    It would be best if you could email me directly and we can discuss your needs.
    Jim Rogers

  3. I would like a hunting cabin with a matching barn. I have no experience with post and beams of what so ever. Can I purchase a prebuilt buildings from you. And finally I can what’s the cost. Thanks Dan

  4. Samet: It could be done, but it will be an additional cost. This type of job would be “by the hour” for doing it.

  5. Hey Jim
    I am new at timber framing and want to get my feet wet with the 16×20. I am wondering how detailed are joinery in your plan? Does it have size (depth, width and length) of each joint?

  6. Don:
    Thanks for your question, and as mentioned there is a drawing of every timber with all joints dimension. I hope you’ll buy a set and make yourself a nice frame.
    Jim Rogers

  7. No, Matt, our plans are for the timber frame only. There are practically unlimited choices on how to finish out the walls and roof –

  8. You get instant access to the PDF of the plans as well as a follow-up email with the plans attached. If you create an account during the checkout process you will always be able to download them from your account.

  9. Hi Brice. I have to admit that I have gotten a little obsessed with your site. Not only a great resource but hours of quarantine entertainment too!

    I am considering building a small cabin like this in southern New York State (ground snow load about 50 psf). I am wondering if 8×8 Douglas Fir would still work for the posts if I both raised the posts to 12 feet (for a loft) and lengthened the design to 24′ by adding an extra bent. I was thinking about using a smaller distance between the middle two bents spacing them 8′ — 5 1/2′ — 8′.

  10. Matthew Stevens

    Thanks Steve! Everything you have said sounds reasonable to me. Go for it.

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