Welded Steel Knife Plate to Timber Post

Welded Steel Knife Plate to Timber Post

There are several methods for securing a timber post to a solid poured  concrete pier, slab or foundation.  With a welded steel knife plate to timber post, a flat piece of plate steel with rebar fingers is embedded in to the concrete.  Then the elevated post base is attached to the timber post through a knife plate which is held together with a steel pin and a couple of pegs to hide everything.  After the frame is installed you simply weld the steel plate to the bottom of the knife plate post base joining everything together.

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6 thoughts on “Welded Steel Knife Plate to Timber Post”

  1. After you position the post on this cement footing, can you then place stone around the footing? How would you recommend capping off the stone? Would this be done just at the start of the wood post or above it?


    1. Brice Cochran

      It is best to start the stone cap as close to the bottom or right below the post to prevent the post from rotting. You can increase/decrease the depth of the spacer on the base to dial in the exact height that you need.

  2. Do you have recommended sizes for the steel plate components for a 10×10 post? Do you have any CAD details you could email?

  3. I am interested in the purchase of this product, Could you forward me information on procurement for a project I have in the works.
    Thanks for your time

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