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14×14 Post and Beam Fastener Kit


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Take a good look at this 14×14 King Post – Post And Beam Fastener Kit! Make quick work of your shopping time and simplify the construction of your post and beam structure with these quick and easy, completely hidden connectors! With this kit, you get:
(6) 185 mm Alumidi Connectors for junctions between posts and tie beams, and king posts and tie beams
(6) Simplex Barrel Bolts for junctions between plates and posts, and plates and king posts
(50) 7.5 mm x 155 mm SBD self-drilling screws, for fastening the Alumidi connectors (We add in 10% extra for waste or loss).
(50) 8 mm x 220 mm TBS+evo screws, for attaching the rafters to the plates, please refer to the plans for other options and quantity counts. (We add in 10% extra for waste or loss).
(50) 7 mm x 180 mm VGZ structural screws, for securing the knee braces (We add in 10% here, too).

This kit is tailor-made for use with the 14×14 Post and Beam Plan when constructed as a post and beam.

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