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Alumidi – Concealed Connector


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EN AW-6060 aluminum alloy bracket obtained by extrusion and therefore weld-free.

Available with and without holes. The 2200 mm model is also certified

Optimal hole spacing both for timber (nails or screws) and concrete (chemical or screwed anchor)

Available in 2,165 mm long pieces, to be cut according to the worksite needs or at odd angles for braces.


For applications on reinforced concrete or other uneven surfaces the self-drilling dowels allow a greater installation tolerance when fixing the timber element. Values are certified, tested and consolidated


The hidden connection provides a satisfying appearance to the joint and fulfills the fire safety requirements.
A countersink where the first hole is located, facilitates the introduction of the secondary beam from the top.

Certified Safety

AluMIDI bracket has been the subject of many research works, studies and international publications, both from theoretical (calculation models) and experimental point of view

The SBD - SELF-PERFORATING DOWEL FOR ALU HANGERS make is easy to assemble and the small-diameter head ensures an hidden appearance.

FIELD OF USE - Timber-to-timber shear connections, both perpendicular and inclined to the vertical plane.

  • Solid timber
  • Glulam (Glued Laminated Timber)
  • XLAM (Cross Laminated Timber) LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) wood-based panels

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