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Four Beams Into A Post – Two Ways

When designing a frame it is a general rule to try and not have too many timbers collide at one point. This is not always achievable.  In this example we address one of the most common instances, when we need to connect four beams into a post.

In both examples, we housed the beams into the post and added a stub/locator tenon on the ends of the beams.

  1. The first way uses a spline to join everything together. In one direction the spline is on the bottom and in the opposing direction the spline is on the top. This works well when there is no tension in the joint.
  2. When you have any sustained tension in the joint it will better to use some steel. We employed a piece of all-thread to hold everything together. We offset the holes for the all-thread in opposing directions to avoid any interference.

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Four Beams into a Post

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2 thoughts on “Four Beams Into A Post – Two Ways”

  1. For a the tension case could you not use 1/4 to 1/2 inch steel splines with holes for wood pegs to lock it together to maintain the aesthetic or would the pull on the spline shear through the oak pegs?

  2. Matthew Stevens

    Yes, you can use metal splines. If the tension is too much for the pegs, steel pins can be used in their place.

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