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Episode 7 – A Chat with Jack Dickinson with Texas Timber Frames

A Chat with Jack Dickinson

In this episode, we talk with Jack Dickinson of Texas Timber Frames about their operation, a special project that they produced this past year and his new podcast called The Timber Frame Podcast.  This show was also aired on his podcast since he turned the table on me and asked me about my design business and what Timber Frame HQ is all about.

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Questions from the show:
  • Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you found timber framing?
  • At Texas Timber Frames you have a machine called a Hundegger cut and rough out your frames, can you describe how this works and the process once timbers arrive at your shop.
  • What is the difference between using that machine that you have vs a complete hand cut approach?
  • Having worked for a company that has used a machine to cut out their frames, I realize that one still has to go back and clean up the joinery and employ those hand tools…having seen the complete process yourself how much time does it take to clean up the joinery?
  • Do you guys pre-assemble your frames in your shop?
  • Can you talk about a project that you completed this past year that stood out among the rest?
  • You just started a Podcast yourself called The Timber Frame Podcast and I have enjoyed listening to the shows …can you tell us a little about your show and why you created it.
  • As one of the industry leaders where do you see the timber frame industry heading?
  • Wrap up…

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