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Rothoblaas TBS Screw

TBS Structural Screws

The TBS Washer Head Structural Screw from Rothoblaas is ideal for fastening applications in Timber Frames, Log Homes, Post and Beams Structures, CLT, Glulam, LVL, Mass Timber Projects, Decks and any other application that calls for a structural screws.Design FeaturesEasy …

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8x10 Pavilion

8×10 Pavilion Plan

This 8×10 hip pavilion will make a petite yet classically stylish timber frame for your landscape!  This frame will shed rain and snow easily, and weather windy conditions as well because all four sides of this roof slope downwards at …

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King Post Assembly

King Post Assembly

The king post truss assembly is one of the most iconic forms used in timber framing, and is likely the earliest truss form. It is one of the strongest truss types, and was the one most commonly used during the 18th and 19th centuries in the eastern United States.

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