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The TBS Washer Head Structural Screw from Rothoblaas is ideal for fastening applications in Timber Frames, Log Homes, Post and Beams Structures, CLT, Glulam, LVL, Mass Timber Projects, Decks and any other application that calls for a structural screws.

Design Features

  • Easy to install lag alternative
  • The large head guarantees excellent tensile strength which means the use of additional lateral fastening systems can be avoided.
  • The large head offers tight joint closure. The diameter of the head is optimized based on the length of the thread.
  • The large head guarantees excellent penetration resistance and allows for stabilization of joints subject to variations in the dimensions of the wood.
  • The flanged or truss head screw guarantees high wind uplift resistance and excellent tensile strength which means the use of additional lateral fastening systems can be avoided.
  • The asymmetric “umbrella” threads of TBS wood screws guarantee better resistance to wood pull-through. It features superior strength, thanks to the steel’s excellent failure rate and yield strength.
  • The high torsional strength guarantees safer and easier screwing.
  • For our friends in seismic zones, these Rothoblaas screws are rated to function at the highest levels of ductility needed in those applications.
  • Trivalent Cr3+ chrome coating


  • Fastening rafters, joists, beams, and posts in heavy timber construction.
  • Fastening walls and plates.
  • Fastening of glulams and laminated wood.

Let’s face it wood moves, and it will continue to move throughout the life of the structure. This lifetime of movement with the highly ductile (moves with the wood) and resistant steel that these truss screws are constructed of is a match made in heaven

TBS Threading

Asymmetric “umbrella” threading for
better wood penetration

TBS Steel

Highly ductile (moves with the wood)
and resistant steel (fy,k = 1000 N/mm2)

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Photos courtesy of Rothoblaas.


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James Wilson
TBS structural screws

I haven't used these screws yet but by visual inspection they are well designed and quality manufactured, complete with a cutting edge so you can get away without a pilot hole if you are so inclined. The box of 50 came with a driver. I definitely see buying more in the future.

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